If it's worth shooting, it's worth shooting on RED

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Welcome to FishTales Films and Photos Web Site. Here you will find resources for many aspects of Steve Fish's Underwater of Photography and Videography. FishTales is based in Bali, Indonesia and specializes in Southeast Asia, the Indo-Pacific region, Micronesia and many other regions of the world. FishTales is always on the cutting edge of imaging technology and is currently shooting exclusively on RED both Underwater and Topside. On this website you will find news and events, info on Steve's photo and video books and courses, galleries of some of Steve's works, and some fun freebies for download. This site uses advanced web technologies for a rich graphical experience. Since visual graphics is our business, the site is not “Dumbed Down” to work on low tech connections and equipment. If you have a slow internet connection you will have difficulty viewing some of the content and may need to visit the site at another time when you have sufficient bandwidth.

Click the MENU button to begin exploring FishTales. Hope you enjoy the site!

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